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About Smith Legal Center

We are not a “settlement factory” like a lot of firms you see on TV or on a billboard who take on your case with the only purpose of getting a quick and cheap settlement so they can make a quick fee off of their clients. Our firm is different. Every client matters. Every injury is treated seriously and professionally. You matter to us when you hire our firm to protect your rights.

It is our duty and privilege to make sure you are properly represented and compensated. We make sure you receive top notch excellent legal representation when you hire our firm.

Mission Statement

At its core, an injury is personal. At Smith Legal Center we are here to fight for you and act as your voice that deserves to be heard, cared for, and compensated fairly. Our purpose is to listen, offer honest advice and ultimately fight and win for you. You deserve the best high-quality legal representation. You have plenty of choices when it comes to hiring an injury attorney. Make the right choice. Make the best choice. Let Smith Legal Center help get you the compensation you deserve.

Attorney Marc Smith

With more than 15 years of experience representing injured clients, Attorney Marc Smith knows how to win your case. Having handled over 7,000 personal injury cases, Attorney Smith has the knowledge, experience and ability to help his clients receive a fair and just compensation for their injuries. Attorney Smith knows how to fight the insurance companies to protect his clients.

Whether it be an automobile accident, motorcycle accident, slip and fall or any other injury caused by someone else’s negligence, Attorney Smith never stops fighting for his clients until they are justly and fairly compensated.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Attorney Smith relocated to the west coast to attend law school. Attorney Smith makes sure that every client receives top notch legal representation the moment they hire his firm. “My ability to protect injured clients is what makes being a personal injury lawyer special,” says Attorney Smith. “It is a very important position and I never forget that I am working to protect my injured clients from the insurance companies who try and take advantage of injured people every day. When I represent an injured client I don’t worry about who they are, where they come from or their background–none of that matters to our firm. The only thing that matters is that they need our help and we are here for them. Protecting the rights of an injured person is our only concern.”

In his spare time Attorney Smith enjoys giving back to his community. “Whether it’s helping with a food or clothing drive, fundraisers or any other great cause, I try to offer whatever assistance I can,” explains Attorney Smith. “We are honored and understand how important it is to be a big part of our community.”