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We are not a “settlement factory” like a lot of firms you see on TV or on a billboard who take on your case with the only purpose of getting a quick and cheap settlement so they can make a quick fee off of their clients.

Our firm is different. Every client matters. Every injury is treated seriously and professionally. You matter to us when you hire our firm to protect your rights. It is our duty and privilege to make sure you are properly represented and compensated. We make sure you receive top notch excellent legal representation when you hire our firm.

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Seek Medical help

After an accident, the first thing you should always do is seek any emergency medical help or treatment you need. Call 911, and ask for an ambulance for yourself, passengers, or the other driver. Your health is always the top priority.

Get info of all parties involved

Attempt to get the information from all vehicles involved in the accident. Sometimes the police do not come, or they don’t write a report. You need to be able to identify who the other parties involved in your accident are and who is their automobile insurance company. Make sure you get their insurance information including their policy number and their driver’s license information. Take pictures of their documents at the scene of the accident.

Take Pictures of the Damage

Take pictures of the damage to each of the vehicles involved. This will be helpful if any vehicles leave the scene. It will also be used as evidence in your case to show the extent of the damage to your vehicle and to the other person’s vehicle.

Call Smith Legal Center

As soon as possible after an accident you need to call Smith Legal Center to get a FREE consultation with no obligation analysis of your accident. Our experienced and aggressive attorneys will be able to immediately let you know if you have a case.

Depending on what type of injuries an accident that caused the injury is a statute of limitations will vary. It’s very important that you immediately contact Smith Legal Center after you’ve been injured so we can analyze and advise you as to what your statute is for that incident.
No attorney will be able to tell you at the very beginning what your personal injury case is worth. Compensation varies case by case, no two cases are the same.

This question is always asked in the beginning of a case and the simple answer is it varies case by case. Call Smith Legal Center for a no obligation free consultation.

If you have been in an accident and you’ve been injured the insurance company is not your friend. They have the exact opposite interest than yours. You need to protect your rights as soon as possible if you’ve been injured. Call Smith Legal Center and our highly skilled and highly aggressive attorneys will analyze your case for free. Give us a call today.

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