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The number of drivers on our roads who are driving while distracted (i.e. texting, talking on the telephone and using other electronic devices) is increasing every day.  Catastrophic motorcycle injuries such as a brain injury, amputation or spinal cord injury can change the lives of the victim and their family forever. A fatal crash may leave the survivors struggling to pay bills and wondering how to keep their lives going.

At Smith Legal Center, we have experienced and highly trained attorneys who have helped thousands of motorcycle crash victims and their families receive the compensation they need and deserve. At Smith Legal Center we treat you like family. Our motorcycle attorneys are highly trained and experienced and understand what it means to ride and be injured.

After an accident, there is some important information you should get and some things to document that could help you win your case. If you are not able to document the scene right after the incident, try to return as soon as possible after seeking medical attention or ask someone to do it for you. Always try to have an official police report made to document the accident.
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Smith Legal Center is your premier law firm dedicated to protecting your rights and getting you compensated for your serious injuries and damages. The experienced team of personal injury lawyers at Smith Legal Center are committed to providing you- the victim- with outstanding and superior legal service.

“Smith Legal Center understands what it means to ride. We pledge to you and your family that we will protect your rights and treat you with respect. Our clients are our family! We will never stop fighting for you. We never back down until you get the compensation and justice that you deserve.”

–Attorney Smith Founder of Smith Legal Center



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