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Have you been the victim of an assault & battery? Assault and battery is not an accident, it is an intentional act and a crime! If you have been threatened with physical harm, hit, or touched in a way you didn’t want to be, Smith Legal Center can help you get compensation for medical expenses, emotional distress, or pain and suffering. If you have economic damages such as medical bills or lost earnings from an assault and battery, you can recover some money from the California Victims of Crime Fund, but you must go to the police first to be eligible.

Allow the experienced and aggressive attorneys at Smith Legal Center to evaluate your case and determine whether the defendant has any insurance or assets that may lead to you receiving compensation.

After an assault and battery, there is some important information you should get and some things to document that could help you win your case. If you are not able to document the scene right after the incident, try to return as soon as possible after seeking medical attention or ask someone to do it for you. Always try to have an official police report made to document the accident.

Smith Legal Center is your premier law firm dedicated to protecting your rights and getting you compensated for your serious injuries and damages. The experienced team of personal injury lawyers at Smith Legal Center are committed to providing you- the victim- with outstanding and superior legal service.



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